Tutorial and Walk-through Videos

While composing music for a film, I designed a simple drone patch in Omnisphere and decided to share a little about it because it shows some simple says to add variability in sound design. It uses LFOs to modulate various targets so that there is constant movement and things changing over time.

When I first purchased a ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 I learned how to do a glissando so I thought I would share it in case others might find it of interest.

I created a personal Omnisphere library of custom designed patches originating from samples of orchestral instruments. All of the sounds are for my personal use but I thought it might be helpful to others to see the flow from taking the sample to making it work in Omnisphere.

This is a somewhat detailed walk-through of my large orchestral template. My template consists of Cubase, VE Pro and Composer Tools Pro. I show how each aspect of my template is configured and I show how it all works together.

In 2018 I switched from using Pro Tools to Cubase. Within the first few weeks of changing I decided to create a video explaining why I changed. I thought others might find some of my early thoughts useful.

When I first started using Cubase I decided to create a video showing how to spot to film. This is a short video that focuses on how to sync music to video.