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Julian Montgomery is a Composer, Synthesist, and Sound Designer for Film, Television, Video Games and other visual media. He is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Julian is a versatile composer with the ability to compose music across many styles and film genres. He primarily focuses on creating cinematic soundscapes that infuse electronic synthesized/processed sounds and orchestral elements with an urban touch, Julian brings master level composition and production to every visual media project.

As a Synthesist and Sound Designer, Julian custom designs the sounds he uses in his music. He is also hired to design sounds for other composers. Some of his recent work in these areas include score sound design on the Amazon Original series, Reacher for both season 1 and season 2 as well as synth programming on the Netflix thriller, Hypnotic. Julian shares some of his custom designed patches in packs he calls, JMP Sound Packs as a small way of giving back to the music community. These are small Omnisphere and Kontakt libraries that are made available free to the public.

Julian is currently attending Berklee College of Music Online majoring in Music Composition for Film, TV and Video Games. He is also a member of the Composers Diversity Collective and The Society of Composers & Lyricists.

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My Composer Audio Reel

I and the director loved what you did. So, more will be coming your way.

I'm really pleased with all the music. . .you're taking your time, you're looking at the material, you're making the music according to what you see. It's obvious that you're a consummate professional, you care about what you're doing and you also care about the projects you are working on. Again, excellent job with the music. Your passion and artistic skill really comes through in the music. It's one thing listening to it. You hear it's good quality music. It's another thing seeing how well it matches to what's on the screen. I appreciate you!

"When I first heard [the cue], I couldn’t believe it. I was immensely moved and so thankful to have you as a composer to produce such a wonderful piece, alongside a wonderful score. Thank you Julian!"

"The Elevator music is so beautiful! I loved this Julian. Made the dialogue come to life."



  • Cause Unknown Season 3
    Cause Unknown Season 3
    Composer original score
  • Sharp Edge
    Sharp Edge
    Composer original score
  • The Elevator
    The Elevator
    Composer original score
  • Cause Unknown Season 2
    Cause Unknown Season 2
    Composer original score
  • The Bartendar
    The Bartender
    Composer original score
  • Cause Unknown Season 1
    Cause Unknown Season 1
    Composer original score


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For inquiries about composing for film or other visual media as well as other types of music production, or any other general inquiries, feel free to call, email or send me an online message.




Well Dressed Lie - Imagine Rain Film Awards - Best Original Score

Best Original Score
Imagine Rain Film Awards (2021)