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Julian Montgomery is a Composer for Film, Television, Video Games and other visual media. He is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Julian is a versatile and diverse composer with the ability to compose music across many different styles and film genres. Some of his recent work includes composing a hybrid of hip-hop and orchestral music for the second season of the sci-fi/thriller short film series, Cause Unknown directed by Jay Pickens. He also recently composed a primarily piano and hybrid orchestral score for the short film drama, The Bartender directed by Lortir Pierre-Louis. Even though Julian is a composer, he is also developing his first animated film series called The Legend of Roo.

Julian is currently attending Berklee College of Music Online majoring in Music Composition for Film, TV and Video Games. He is also a Composer with the music libraries, Burnett Music Group and SCOREKEEPERS.

As a Music Producer, Julian has produced projects for several independent artists such as Tryenyse Jones, Soulyrik and Kenny Passmore, as well as multiple solo projects. Julian has also produced two volumes of the project, Soul Cutz. This project is a unique endeavor totally funded by Julian as an avenue to invest in the music of other artists who use music as a way of communicating the gospel.

Born in New York, Julian spent the majority of his life in Minnesota. In high school Julian was in the Visual and Performing Arts program at Minneapolis North Community High School. After High School, Julian attended North Central Bible College (now North Central University) and studied Youth Ministries. Julian served as a Youth Pastor and Worship Leader for several churches in the Twin Cities area.


"Julian Montgomery is an absolute joy to work with. He is professional, talented and passionate about what he does. We've worked together on 2 projects so far and I definitely plan to use him again in the future."

"I think you should put yourself out there. Your stuff is good enough to be on TV . . . People enjoy working with you."

Ben Newhouse Professional Composer and Berklee Online Professor

"[These cues] gave me some really great insight and inspiration for the film."



The Sharp Edge

Music by Julian Montgomery
Directed by Walter Hermosa
Expected release 2019

Cause Unknown Season 2

Music by Julian Montgomery
Directed by Jay Pickens
Expected release Spring 2019
Sci-Fi Thriller


Steve Harvey's Funderdome
Mariah's World
PageSix TV
Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Contact Julian

For inquiries about production, beats, licensing, or any other general inquiries, feel free to call, email or send me an online message.

The Legend of Roo

The Legend of Roo

The Legend of Roo will be an animated film series containing 5 or 6 episodes, each approximately 20 minutes in length. The story is set in a fictitious world populated by animals where each city only listens to one musical genre. Missy, a meerkat, and Rakim, a raccoon, are best friends. They set out on an incredible adventure to save Hip-Hop City from the grips of the Dirty Pop! Society (DPS). The DPS is a nefarious group who are determined to take over the world with Pop music. Missy and Rakim's mission is to find the legendary rapper Roo. Everyone in Hip-Hop city grows up hearing about the legend of Roo. The legend states that Roo has performed miracles just by spittin' rhymes. For some reason Roo disappeared many years ago. As Missy and Rakim go along their journey, they are pursued by the evil Red-Tailed Hawk, Diablo. Diablo uses his crafty and devious ways to set obstacles to prevent Missy and Rakim from completing their mission. As Missy and Rakim pursue Roo they are often advised by Kamali, a gray turtle dove, who provides wisdom and guidance.

Will Missy and Rakim find Roo?

Is the legend of Roo real?

Can Roo really help them?

Is Missy and Rakim's friendship strong enough to withstand their mission?

Can Missy and Rakim save Hip-Hop City?

Name Character
                                                             Montgomery Julian Montgomery Kamali
Keenan Montgomery Keenan Montgomery aka Keenan the First Roo
Julian Smith Julian Smith Finster
Name Role
Sharice Bryant Sharice Bryant Screenwriter
Arif Kinchen Arif S. Kinchen Co-Producer, Director
                                                             Montgomery Julian Montgomery Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Composer
2/8/2019 Sharice Bryant delivers the second draft of the script.
11/08/2018 Sharice Bryant delivers the first draft of the script.
10/23/2018 We have verbally agreed with Arif S. Kinchen to have him direct and co-produce the project. Arif is a SAG Actor who specializes in voice acting. He has done a ton of voice acting and has great experience directing as well. We're excited to have him associated to the project.
10/15/2018 Julian Smith verbally agrees to join the project. Originally from Michigan, Julian moved to LA four years ago to pursue a career in voice acting. He has had multiple acting opportunities since arriving in LA. He is also an aspiring beatmaker.
10/14/2018 Project announced to the public.